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32m² light facade scaffolding | Plettac

Manufacturer: Plettac & Compatible

Lieferzeit: approx. 4-7 working days

Used light facade scaffolding Plettac SL 70/100 with used aluminum decks or wooden decks available

Area: approx. 32m²

Weight: approx. 289,40kg

Condition: used

Warehouse/Collection: 04683 Belgershain OT Threna near Leipzig

Width (framework width):


Working height (maximum):


Stand height (maximum):


Field length:


Framework depth:


Net price: 1.085,63 

Gross price: 1.291,90 

incl. VAT

Product features

More information:
Walk-throughs, double end railings, toe boards and eyebolts as well as other components can be purchased for an additional charge – depending on requirements.

2 aluminum access ladders with aluminum decking and ladder SL L 250 m (instead of 1 aluminum frame panel with aluminum decking per access ladder) | + 12,40 kg
+ 121,47€ net

4 Double end railings SL B 74 | + 14,80 kg
+ 96,00€ net

4 Wooden toe board SL L 250 | + 20,00 kg
+ 37,46€ net

4 toe boards SL L 74 | + 5,60 kg
+ 30,92€ net

2 Eyebolt L230 – New | + 0,60 kg
+ 4,40€ net

8 wooden shelves L250 x W32 instead of 4 aluminum frame panels | + 69,20 kg
– 265,22€ net

Are you looking for a reliable solution for your facade work?

Then our lightweight 32m² Plettac facade scaffolding made of solid aluminum decks and steel frames from Heep Gerüsthandel is the perfect solution for you! With a working height of 6.40m and a standing height of 4.40m, the scaffold offers the ideal combination of stability, safety and user-friendliness.

The scaffold has a width of 5.00m and a bay length of 2.50m. The robust steel frame system and lightweight all-aluminum shelves ensure good handling and outstanding stability. Which gives you the confidence to work safely on your facade projects. These are well cared for used items that are in good condition.

Another great advantage of this scaffold is its fair price. At Heep Gerüsthandel you get the 32m² facade scaffolding Plettac at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The scaffolding is delivered quickly and reliably and if you have any questions or problems, the competent team of Heep Gerüsthandel is at your disposal.

Invest in the Plettac 32m² lightweight facade scaffolding with all-aluminum decks and steel frames to increase the efficiency of your facade works. Thanks to its excellent stability, ease of use and quality, you will find that this scaffold is a valuable addition to your work arsenal. Order now and benefit from our excellent service and fair prices!


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