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Pick up/ Shipping

If you have decided to pick up your scaffolding, we will schedule a pick-up date with you.
In case of spontaneous pickup, please inform us early enough about your appearance. So we can prepare and provide your goods for you in advance.
Our warehouse in Wiesenstraße 10, 04683 Threna-Belgershain is open for you Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 16:00.

There is a possibility to send you scaffolding material and also scaffolding accessories with a forwarding company ordered by us.
Smaller quantities can also be delivered to you via parcel shipping. Contact us for it!

Depending on the distance of the place of delivery, we transport the goods either by our own fleet of vehicles or commission a forwarding agent ordered by us.
After ordering, it may take between 3 and 5 days until delivery to the delivery address you specify

In principle, the transport costs are calculated without the additional option of a forklift.
However, if you want unloading by forklift, we will be happy to organize it for you.
In order to avoid any complications, please inform us about the method of delivery when you request your scaffolding material.

Delivery is made according to the condition "free curb" without unloading. This means that the forwarding company will drive the goods to your specified address and you are responsible and liable for unloading yourself.
However, you are welcome to book a forklift with unloading in addition.


Send us your inquiry or use our inquiry list for articles from our stock.
Items with the button "Add to inquiry list" put you on a list and can be inquired without obligation.
We can now create an individual offer for scaffolds, scaffold material or scaffold parts even faster with our scaffold configurator. Simply select the scaffolding material you need and enter the quantity of scaffolding parts.
You will then receive a non-binding offer from us in a timely manner and free of charge for you!
We will prepare an offer for you - based on your submitted data - and send it to you as soon as possible.

At the moment we offer the possibility to pay your invoice in advance (bank transfer) or in cash on site in case of self-collection.

You will receive your invoice or order confirmation from us in advance by e-mail.
After receipt of payment we will contact you and agree on the further procedure.
If delivery is requested, we will commission a forwarding agent ordered by us.
After ordering the shipping company, it may take from 3 to 5 days until the delivery to the delivery address you specify.

Have you bought too much scaffolding material from us or perhaps the wrong dimensions?
You can exchange the wrong purchased scaffold for other scaffold parts or get a voucher for your next visit to us.
Incidental transport costs are borne by the buyer!
A refund in cash or by bank transfer is not possible!

You have completed all the tasks on your building and now you want to get rid of the scaffolding? You have decided on a new scaffolding system and would like to trade in your old scaffolding for it when you buy it again?
We are also at your side in such matters! We buy back your used scaffolding parts at a fair purchase price. If you want to "retool", we can immediately offset the purchase price of your old scaffold with the sales price of the newly built scaffold. Thus, you save yourself time and money!


With us you will find scaffolding parts of the manufacturers / systems Plettac, Plettac-Assco, Plettac Contur, Plettac Assco Futuro, Plettac rolling towers / rolling towers, Layher-Blitz, Layher-Allround, Alfix facade scaffolding, Alfix Unifix, Alfix Modul Metric, Alfix Modul Multi, Altrad Baumann, Rux, Hünnebeck Bosta, MJ Uni, MJ Uni Connect, MJ Uni Top, MJ Combi and many more!

There is no all-inclusive price for scaffolding. The price of scaffolding depends primarily on the structure to be scaffolded and the work to be performed on it. However, since each scaffold has different requirements (scaffold for facade work, scaffold for roof work, industrial scaffold, suspended scaffold, etc.), corresponding scaffold components must also be installed to meet these requirements. In addition, there are with the different manufacturers:
1. differences in the design variants of the scaffolding system.
and thus
2. Different framework parts
As a result, the price of the scaffold is just as different as its requirements.

There is no such thing as a "best framework system". Each scaffolding system has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the right scaffolding system, it is important that the user gets along well with the material. Of course, it is difficult to determine this beforehand. For this reason, we will gladly inform you - upon request - about the key data of the respective scaffolding system when preparing the offer.

Before buying the scaffold, you should clarify what material it should be made of. As with the different scaffolding systems, the material differences here again bring their advantages and disadvantages:

Steel frameworks:
- good stability due to dead load (advantageous for large scaffolds)
- Only minor deformations and thus less repair work required
- Cheap repair
- good durability and service life
- Production is more ecological -> lower energy consumption
- Lower acquisition costs

Aluminum scaffolding:
- due to the lighter scaffold parts, the amount of work is less
- fast assembly and disassembly
- very weather and corrosion resistant

With our calculators, you can choose between a customized offer and an individual configuration.
The customized quotation forms the time-saving solution for scaffold preparation and quotation request. No background knowledge of the structure or parts of the scaffold is required for this.
In the individual configuration, you as a scaffold erector or experienced scaffolders will find the appropriate parts and can easily select them yourself by specifying the corresponding quantities.

Our used scaffolds, scaffold parts and scaffold accessories are in very good serviceable condition. The quality of our used scaffolding is ensured by repeated checks.

Framework types

Facade scaffolds are always erected longitudinally on a stable base. The bay width or load class of a facade scaffold is always determined on the basis of the work to be performed on the facade scaffold.

Facade scaffolding is used, for example, for plastering, painting, insulation, maintenance work and much more!

A roof safety scaffold is used as soon as a roof protection wall cannot be used. can. With increased side protection by means of side protection nets and additional railings or protective grids, it is intended primarily to protect people on the roof from falling and thus create a safe working environment.

The German Employer's Liability Insurance Association for the Construction Industry (BG-Bau) specifies that a roof safety scaffold must be erected for roofs with a pitch of 22° - 60° and a fall height from the eaves (roof edge) of 2.00m.

Flat roofs do not require roof safety gear, as this type of roof does not have a slope and therefore does not require safety gear.

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