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Construction Scaffolding

Buy construction scaffolding: Choice between different models and manufacturers

Anyone who wants to buy scaffolding is faced with the question of which model in which design from which manufacturer is best suited for the particular construction project. Basically, scaffolding is understood to be any structure used to work on structures at height and in places that are difficult to access. Accordingly, scaffolds are used in particular for the construction, maintenance or repair of buildings, but also for bridges and in plant construction.

If you want to buy construction scaffolding (used), the following factors are important:

  • Accessibility: Scaffolding should facilitate work and allow easy access to all parts of the plant or structure.
  • Safety & Stability: A scaffold should provide the highest level of safety, i.e. allow you to stand securely and safely support materials, machinery and people. A used scaffold from Heep Gerüsthandel is in no way inferior to a new scaffold in this respect.
  • Durability: One reason why scaffolding can be in use for many years, even when used, is its high-quality construction from steel and aluminum. The vast majority of scaffolds are designed for use on multiple construction sites.

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You want to buy construction scaffolding? There are these types of scaffolding

In practice, different types of scaffolding are used. From robust facade scaffolds to lightweight and easy-to-handle aluminum scaffolds to individually configurable modular scaffolds or protective scaffolds for safeguarding man and machine: the possibilities are as diverse as the manufacturers. At Heep Gerüsthandel you benefit from a large selection of different brands such as Plettac & Layher and can use our scaffolding configurator to put together the right model for your purposes.

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