Scaffolding hire in Leipzig & surrounding area

Hire scaffolding for your construction project quickly and cheaply from Heep Gerüsthandel!

Whether you want to replace the guttering on your house or need scaffolding at short notice for a commercial construction project
for a commercial building project. With us you can quickly and easily

buy scaffolding

or rent scaffolding.

Our advantages:

  • Diversity – we can find the right material in our warehouse, even for complicated projects
  • Flexible rental period – you can arrange the rental period with us as you wish (basic rental period: 4 weeks)
  • Fair rental prices – all running costs at a glance

It’s so easy to hire scaffolding from us:

  1. About our

    contact form

    Send us the dimensions of the object to be scaffolded or a parts list and let us advise you
  2. Obtain and check rental offer
  3. Conclude rental contract and collect scaffolding (delivery possible for an additional charge)

Our range:

  • Scaffolding of any kind


Does the rental price increase after the basic reservation period has been exceeded?

No, the basic reservation period and the rental period are not dependent on the rental price. You will receive a clear breakdown of the costs for your rented equipment on your rental offer before signing the rental contract.

Who erects the rental scaffolding?

The tenant is responsible for erecting and dismantling the scaffolding. We will be happy to advise you in advance.

How does the return of the rental scaffolding work?

You have the option of returning the rental equipment to our warehouse yourself. Alternatively, we are happy to offer you collection for an additional charge.

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