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Diagonal with wedge half-coupling | Layher

Manufacturer: Layher & Compatible

Lieferzeit: approx. 4-7 working days

Net price: 19,58 22,27 

Product features

Item condition:

used scaffold




Collection in 04683 Threna-Belgershain or delivery on request

Delivery time:

approx. 4-7 working days

to the scaffold configurator


For the vertical bracing of the scaffold parallel and
perpendicular to the facade, pipe diameter 42.4 mm.
The diagonal guide for the rule structure
is specified in the admission notice. The diagonals are
into the gusset plate at the upper end of the adjusting frame
introduced. With the approved wedge half coupling on the
lower diagonal point wedged, they form an absolutely
friction-locked, wobble-free bracing with simple
Possibility of correction during construction.

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