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Purchase of scaffolds of all kinds

Selling scaffolding Plettac MJ-Gerüste Alfix UniFix 70 RUX 65

As a former scaffolding company we are now looking back on more than 26 years of experience in scaffolding construction. Therefore, we are always interested in advising you professionally concerning used or new scaffolding material.

Please call us at (+49) 034293 / 525 0 We are looking forward to help you. You can find our scaffolding material  for your objects in the following list.
Used facade scaffolding 765qm Plettac SL 75m x 10,20m
  • Height : 10,20m
  • Length : 75m
  • complete scaffolding with all necessary parts
  • Condition: used
Net price: 17.089,00 €
gross Price: 20.335,91 €
Net price: 10.820,00 €
gross Price: 12.875,80 €
Used scaffolding 306qm Plettac SL Height 10,20m x Width 30m
  • Height: 10,20m
  • Length: 30,00m
  • complete scaffolding with all necessary parts 
  • Condition: used
Net price: 6.998,00 €
gross Price: 8.327,62 €
Plettac facade painter scaffolding 204m² working height 10,20m x  20m
  • Height : ca. 10,20 m
  • Length : ca. 20,00 m
  • complete scaffolding with all necessary parts
  • Condition: used
Net price: 4.799,00 €
gross Price: 5.710,81 €
Used scaffolding 183qm Plettac SL Height 10,20m x Width 18,00m
  • Height: ca. 10,20m
  • Length: ca. 18,00m
  • complete scaffolding 
  • Condition: used
Net price: 3.968,00 €
gross Price: 4.721,92 €
(copy) (copy) (copy)
Net price: 2.150,00 €
gross Price: 2.558,50 €
Net price: 150,00 €
gross Price: 178,50 €
Walk Trough Frame SL H 200 x B 180 Plettac - used
  • Walk Trough Frame used SL 200 H / W 180
  • Plettac & compatible scaffolding MJ, Unifix 70
  • Condition: used 
Net price: 102,52 €
gross Price: 122,00 €
Steel Scaffold Tube L 600 3,2mm Plettac - new
  • Steel Scaffold Tube L 600
  • für Layher, Plettac, MJ Gerüst, Alfix, Rux, Hünnebeck u.a. Gerüstsysteme
  • Zustand : neu
Net price: 53,40 €
gross Price: 63,55 €
Timber deck Plettac W 32  L 300 - used
  • Timber deck SL W32 x  L 300
  • Plettac & compatible scaffolding MJ, Unifix 70
  • Condition: used
Net price: 36,00 €
gross Price: 42,84 €
Timber deck W32 L250 2,5m Plettac compatible - used

Special offer

  • Plettac timber deck & compatible W 32 x H 4,4 cm x L 2,50 
  • Offer as long as stock is available
  • Condition: used
Net price: 34,93 €
gross Price: 41,57 €
Net price: 32,40 €
gross Price: 38,56 €
Net price: 29,40 €
gross Price: 34,99 €
Net price: 28,60 €
gross Price: 34,03 €
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Net price: 19,95 €
gross Price: 23,74 €
Layher scaffolding equipment - used
  • Layher scaffolding of stole 
  • Inexpensive offers of used scaffolding equipment
  • Condition: used 
  • Pick-up location: 04683 Belgershain-OT- Threna near Leipzig
  • Delivery on request.
Net price: on request
Rux 65 used scaffolding material vertical frames coverings
  • used RUX 65 Scaffolding material, parts
  • complete or individual sale
Net price: on request
new scaffolding of Plettac and compatible on stock

New Plettac scaffolding and accessories in stock.

We will provide you with an individual offer.
Net price: on request
Module stand Plettac contur used 55% discount on the original price
Module stand for problem-free working on their objects.
Net price: on request
Module stand Plettac contur used 55% discount on the original price (copy)
Module stand for problem-free working on their objects.
Net price: on request

Selling Facade Scaffolding Plettac MJ Unifix Scaffold

Scaffolding configurator

Used & new scaffolding

Choose your required scaffolding material and get an overview of the costs.

start configuration  

Accurate logistics combined with
high-class systems and efficiency

... these are the basics for a fluently process of a project development. 
Scaffolding is needed at almost every building site. The various scaffolding differs refering material and design to satisfy the individual conditions of the location and to offer optimal security and stability. The classical scaffolding is often used while redevelopments or paintworks of buildings. Scaffolding has to withstand a certain loading. So, scaffolding material of stole would be a possibilty to meet the requirements.

The classical front-scaffolding is used when a building needs a new painting or when it comes to a redevelopment. The front-scaffolding is a flexible standing scaffold that is easy and fast to construct and to disassemble. Frames and coverings can be installed very quickly, so the main work can start very prompt. This scaffolding material consists of hot-dipped zinced stole or aluminium. In case that only a lower loadability is needed, a stable scaffolding that consists of aluminium would be the optimal choice.

Do you have more questions about technical issues or about our offers?
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Heep Scaffolding - new and used scaffolding

           scaffold clever - organize efficiently
Heep Scaffolding Ltd. (founded in 1991) specializes its work now in the trade with used and new scaffolding material.

We offer:
° used scaffolding, front-scaffolding, scaffolding of aluminium and stole of all producers, e.g. Plettac, Layher, Alfix, Rux,
   Mj-scaffolding, Hünnebeck, Wagner, Bera scaffolding, Rux Bera etc.,
°  new scaffolding that you can order at any time,
°  the purchase of used and damaged scaffolding equipment,
°  all scaffolding equipment.

We ensure an established and professional implementation.

We are looking forward to come into contact with you very soon. Do you have questions or do you need an offer?
Please contact us by e-mail info@heep-geruesthandel.de or phone +49 (0) 34293-525 0 .
 Do you have any questions?
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