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Purchase - scaffoldings and scaffolding material

Would you like to sell your used scaffolding? Do You have scaffolding material and do not know where to go with it?

In order to be able to make an offer please contact us by e-mail or phone +49 (034293 - 525 0).
We are always keen to provide you a prompt quotation.

We would be very grateful if you could send us a material list including photos.

We are always interested in new offers with a compatible quantity.
A collection of the material is possible as well.

We buy scaffoldings e.g. from Layher, Plettac, Assco, Alfix, MJ-scaffolding, Rux and Hünnebeck.

We buy full scaffoldings stocks, material or equipment :

  •      vertical frame
  •      steel coverings
  •      diagonal
  •      toe boards
  •      railing
  •      wood floors
  •      clutches
  •      thread footplates
  •      consoles
  •      end toe boards
  •      passages with ladder
  •      ladders
  •      construction machinery, etc.

Please contact us from Saxonia, Saxonia Anhalt, Berlin, Brandenburg an all other states of Germany.

Purchase of Plettac SL 70 100, Alfix Unifix 70, MJ Uni 70, Layher, Rux

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(03 42 93) 525 - 0